Fall asleep with ease using YouTube's new music sleep timer!


New features have arrived for the YouTube Music sleep timer. Here are the details about the new features to help you fall asleep...


Today, many people continue to listen to music before or during sleep. Researches also support this. Thanks to the Music application on YouTube, it is aware of this situation and produces special content. YouTube has brought new features to the sleep timer, which you could only use in podcasts before. With the new update, sleep timer features can now be used more extensively. Here are the details about the new update…

New update to YouTube Music sleep timer feature!

YouTube Music recently introduced the podcasting feature. In addition to this new update, which allows you to listen to videos as podcasts or listen to podcasts privately, the scope of the YouTube sleep timer feature has been increased. Thus, it is possible to say that a better YouTube experience awaits you before you go to sleep.

The sleep timer feature in podcasts is actually not new. In the podcasts genre, the sleep timer feature was available on the right. YouTube does this before falling asleep especially meditation etc. designed for the audience. It also attracted a lot of attention. Because after the introduction of this feature, people who have trouble falling asleep can open the sleep timer and start "deep sleep meditations", "meditations for those who have difficulty falling asleep" and so on. He got into the habit of sleeping by listening to podcasts.

If you're doing industry and internet platform business, the wisest way forward is to go "habitually". Must be following this policy on YouTube. Because it no longer offers the sleep timer feature that its users are used to, only in podcasts. Thanks to YouTube Music, this feature will now be available for songs as well.


Research has found that after podcasts and meditations, the song is mostly listened to before going to sleep. In other words, we can say that YouTube offers other options to its users, except for the "silence" that users prefer before going to sleep. When the number of users using the feature is also examined, we can defend the accuracy of the thesis.

The new feature is not available to everyone for now. It is expected to come out of test versions in the coming periods and be available to all YouTube Music users. It is said to be finalized with the new update for iOS-based phones. With this new update, it is stated that it will come to iOS phones in a new interface. There is no clear explanation on the subject. We will see the process in the coming days. But what is certain is that a brand new sleep timer is coming to YouTube Music.

9 months ago