Hooray for Creators: YouTube Shorts Monetization Period Begins


YouTube, one of the most important platforms in the field of video today, came up with YouTube Shorts, a short video service similar to TikTok. The company, which tested ads for Shorts last April, announced that it would share ad revenue with content producers. However, he gave a date for revenue sharing.


YouTube Shorts monetization period starts on February 1

YouTube, one of the important names in the video field, announced its short video sharing feature, YouTube Shorts, in 2020. The company, which wants to take big steps through Shorts, is preparing to offer a new income door to content producers. YouTube also made a date to generate revenue through Shorts.

According to the company's statement, Shorts will be used more from February 1st. That's because YouTube Shorts is part of the YouTube Partner Program starting February 1. In addition, manufacturers who want to earn an income through the program must accept the new contract.

However, content producers must sign the contract by July 10, 2023 to continue to receive a share of advertising revenue. The company's statement on this subject is as follows: "To continue monetizing YouTube, the terms of the YouTube Partner Program must be accepted by July 10, 2023. Partners must accept the new terms in order to start earning Shorts ad revenue on February 1, 2023 (or when they accept the new terms).

In addition, YouTube will give 45 percent of its revenue from advertisements in Shorts content to content producers. These payments will be made on a monthly basis. In addition, the company will also release the use of copyrighted music in the content.

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Producers will earn money from viewers from videos watched on web or mobile, and from other sites. The requirements to apply for the program are as follows:

Have at least 1,000 subscribers. Gaining at least 10 million views on Shorts or a combined total of 4,000 hours on both YouTube long videos and Shorts in the last three months. The statement made by YouTube on the subject attracted attention. In the statement, the following statements were included: “Short advertising revenue sharing will start on February 1, 2023. Monetizing partners must accept the Basic terms and the Shorts Monetization Module to start earning ad revenue from their Shorts views. Otherwise, they won't be able to monetize their Shorts Stream ads.”

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