YouTube Premium features you should know


YouTube Premium Features You Should Know

In our article, we have listed everything you need to know about YouTube Premium features.


In this concept, which enables the use of different features with monthly payments, of course, it's not all about watching videos without ads! So what great app features are available to access? Here we have the answer!

Ad-Free YouTube Experience

The feature that was the focus of all promotions, including the launch for YouTube Premium, was the ad-free viewing experience. As you know, there are advertisements that appear in the most crucial part of the videos and that we have to watch for a certain period of time. This in turn undermines our viewing pleasure. Ads are no longer a problem for people using the YouTube Premium feature.

Although a monthly membership fee is paid as the price of ad-free viewing pleasure; This was the feature that premium users loved the most. Because some commercial breaks were added to the videos in a combined form and in an unskippable way. Therefore, many of the YouTube videos have now turned into mini TV channels. This application, which is the cause of negative attitude for viewers, is not available for YouTube Premium members! As you can see, the Nirvana of cruising pleasure is in the Premium mountains!

Running YouTube in the Background

YouTube, which is at the forefront with unlimited alternatives among video platforms, is a very popular application around the world. As such, it is possible for everyone to find at least a few videos on any subject they are looking for. But one of the biggest cons of using YouTube for viewers is that it doesn't run in the background. So it was before. Now there's a background feature for YouTube Premium subscribers!

The first of the features that YouTube lovers were eagerly waiting for was the feature of working in the background. YouTube did not leave this request unanswered with its Premium features and included running in the background! It is now possible for YouTube Premium members to run the app in the background and use their screen while listening to music or watching videos. We told you it's not just an ad-free video experience. Moreover, the background feature is not the last stop, what's more in the Premium membership!

Downloading YouTube Videos

With the arrival of the premium feature, another service that YouTube users have been waiting for a long time has come to life. The era when those who want to watch videos offline used different tools to download videos has ended. Because now there is a special video download service for YouTube Premium memberships! With one click, you can download the video you want with the YouTube Premium feature, and watch it offline and from where you left off!

YouTube Music Access

Music clips and edits make up a significant portion of YouTube videos. YouTube Music, the digital library of hundreds of thousands of songs for music lovers, is now included in the Premium feature! Premium membership holders can listen to any song without ads and download it to listen when there is no internet connection. If you wish, it is possible to use the YouTube Music application in the background and listen to music when your screen is off!

Premium membership, where YouTube videos and music are offered in high quality and unlimited, has features that meet all expectations. You no longer need third addresses, especially those used to download YouTube music. Because it is now very easy to add the music you downloaded with one click to your library and listen to it whenever you want without internet!

YouTube Originals Access

Film and serial broadcasting is among the most distinguished media channels of the last period. In this league where giants compete, it is one of the platforms that catches the eye with the Originals format on YouTube. Series and movies where you can find original broadcasts in your favorite categories are at your service with YouTube Premium features! Moreover, you can not only access all series and movies easily, but also watch them without interrupting your viewing pleasure, that is, without ads.

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One of the most negative features of video platforms is seen as advertisements while watching TV series and movies. Because even in the most exciting scenes, you are exposed to interstitial ads that do not look your best. But that has now changed! Thanks to the ad-free TV and movie-enabled Originals access that YouTube offers exclusively to Premium members; uninterrupted vision pleasure with you!

YouTube Kids Access

The fact that YouTube offers a broadcast category for every audience has made it the most preferred video platform. There are hundreds of thousands of video content by numerous categories such as adults, teens, music and movie lovers, arts, crafts and current news followers. However, YouTube has special concepts for some categories. YouTube Kids is one of them. Animation, cartoons, educational videos, how-to videos, movies, TV series and countless content, where family and children's content are meticulously brought together, are on YouTube Kids!

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