You will be able to easily skip unnecessary parts in YouTube videos!

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YouTube, the world's most popular video platform, is introducing a new feature to its users. Thanks to this feature, which especially concerns users who watch many videos during the day and skip the classic introduction parts of the videos and come directly to the bottom, the YouTube experience of the users will increase even more. Here are the YouTube new video acceleration feature and details…

Video acceleration feature is being developed!

We all have searched for the product we want to buy on YouTube and watched the review videos before purchasing a product. Especially anyone who buys a technological product has taken a look at the ShiftDelete.Net YouTube channel. However, we watch so many videos to have complete information about the product… For this reason, we want to quickly move on to the review sections of the videos.


In fact, some review videos are so long that sometimes the details that you don't care about become the main protagonist in some moments of those videos. While we are trying to skip these kinds of parts, we also skip other details. However, YouTube has found a very good solution to this problem, especially for users watching on mobile and tablet.

Now the video acceleration feature will be directly at your fingertips. Normally, to speed up the videos, we used to adjust the speed from the settings tab on the bottom right of the YouTube video, on the edge of the window icon. We then chose the playback speed as 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, and 2. In other words, we could speed up the video if we wanted to, or slow down the video. However, this process was both impractical and did not help us to skip the boring parts of the video.

All mobile YouTube users know that double-clicking on the right or left of the videos will take the video back or forth by 10 seconds. A similar combination comes in for acceleration. Now, when you long press on the video in the YouTube mobile or tablet application, the video starts to progress at x2 speed. In this way, you will pass the places you see unnecessary in the videos without missing the important places.

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