TikTok announces new feature for creators!


TikTok and Instagram continue to offer new features to increase revenue for creators. TikTok has announced the Talent Manager Portal feature, which allows creators to more easily engage with brands.

TikTok has activated the Talent Manager Portal feature

TikTok has introduced its platform that enables brands and agencies to connect with over 800,000 qualified creators worldwide. The Talent Manager Portal, which is part of the TikTok Creator Marketplace,


The new service will have creator authorization. It will be used to manage the deal flow, contract on behalf of their talent, process creative feedback, and review various reports and metrics on campaign performance. The company announced that they will now serve the needs of not only creators with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, but also “celebrity-level” creators.

TikTok stated that Talent Manager Portal is currently in alpha testing. There are several agencies that have already signed up for the free service, but it has been announced that the names of testers cannot be shared yet.

First launched in 2019, the TikTok Creator Marketplace plays an important role in the creators monetization ecosystem in influencer marketing. Thanks to the TikTok Creator Marketplace platform, brands can easily communicate with content producers.

TikTok stated that companies working with content producers saw a 26 percent increase in brand preference and a 22 percent increase in brand recommendations. In addition, 71 percent of TikTok users say that a creator's originality now motivates them to shop from a brand.

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