Three new features for Instagram: Add dual profile photos and more


Social media giant Instagram has introduced many new features such as adding dual profile photos and silent mode! Here are the details...


Many new features have come to Instagram, which is connected to Meta. All of the innovations were announced in a blog post shared by Meta, and some were featured on Instagram's official Twitter account. Among the innovations added to Instagram, there are features such as users to have more control within the platform and to set dual profile photos. So what are the functions of these innovations and how are they used? Let's take a look at the details of the news together.

Double selection feature for Instagram profile photo Instagram first introduced the dual profile photo feature that allows you to switch between the two. According to this innovation, an additional avatar can be set to the normal profile photo on the social media platform. Meta introduced its unique avatar last year. Now it is integrating new features to encourage and popularize its use.

Another remarkable innovation for Instagram was the Silent Mode. Notifications will be turned off automatically when the Instagram user activates the Mute Mode feature. In this way, people will not be disturbed in situations such as studying or wanting to rest. The innovation had been in development for some time.

Additionally, Instagram will require younger users to enable Quiet Mode when they spend time on the platform late at night. A similar feature was started to be tested by TikTok for regulating sleep hours.


Finally, Instagram has brought another innovation that will allow users to manage content from within the platform. According to this feature, many posts in the Discover section will be hidden at the same time. In addition to posts, words, hashtags and emojis can be optionally hidden. To reach the hidden words, it is enough to follow these steps:

  • Settings
  • Security
  • Hidden Words

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? Do you think the dual profile photo setting feature for Instagram is useful?

a year ago