The truth about Facebook and Smartphone Battery Life


The platform, which entered our lives under the name Facebook and is one of the most important figures of the social media phenomenon, has been the focus of some discussions for years. Roofing company Meta is already involved in many court proceedings. The allegations made are of the kind that will fuel this situation again.


Facebook deliberately drains smartphone batteries

Giant companies can be ruthless within the company with some working policies. George Hayward, a former Meta employee, was fired for refusing to participate in negative tests on the grounds that it could "harm people". Hayward made some allegations about the Company.

According to Hayward, Facebook intentionally drains smartphone batteries. It is stated that the reason for Meta doing this may be to better track data. Meta and Hayward are currently at trial. Speaking on the subject, the former employee made the following statements.


I told the manager, “This might hurt someone,” and he said that by hurting a few people, we can help a larger audience. “Any data scientist who has come in handy will know how to hurt people.” This is clearly illegal. It's infuriating that my phone's battery can be manipulated by anyone. I refused to take this test. If you say to your boss, "No, this is illegal," things are not going well.

Hayward, who filed a lawsuit claiming that Facebook is intentionally and unauthorizedly draining smartphone batteries, drew attention to the fact that the process can be fatal for users in emergency situations. A new one has been added to the series of cases that Meta has gone through.

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