The huge wealth of YouTube channels has emerged!


The world's highest-paid YouTube channels have been announced. In many countries, children's channels took the first place.

It is an undeniable fact that the conventional media is gradually losing its popularity. In fact, hundreds of millions of people who consume content on their tablets, phones and computers have stopped using televisions. As such, the earnings of platforms such as YouTube are increasing day by day. Therefore, content creators can also become wealthy here. Here are the world's highest-paid YouTube channels…

The world's highest-paid YouTube channels!

YouTube, which was once among the ordinary video sharing platforms, is now alone against the TV channels all over the world. So much so that the series, movies and shows, which reached an average of several thousand instant viewers when broadcast on television, began to be broadcast on YouTube at the same time and reached millions.


The rest of the list proceeds in a similar way. Of course, although we usually see this type of content, we can say that channels that only share on YouTube are also frequently placed here. Therefore, while an average 2-hour broadcast on television meets tens of thousands of viewers, digital platforms appeal to tens of millions, and even hundreds of millions of English content.

When this is the case, YouTube's most watched channels can reach a great fortune thanks to their ad revenues, Join and similar support options. When we look at the world, we see that the channels that appeal to children come to the fore and they are in a position where they can buy TV channels with the income they earn in only 1 year.


The biggest success in this field belongs to the South American channel El Reino Infantil, which produces content for children. The revenue of the YouTube channel, which has reached 50 billion views since 2011, has exceeded the 100 million dollar mark.

The channel that earned the most money in the European Continent was Like Nastya, where children-oriented videos of 8-year-old Russian Nastya were shared. Nastya also became Europe's highest-paid YouTube content producer, with a fortune of nearly $170 million.

Of course, the type of content that is of interest and consumed varies according to regions and continents. For example, while videos with a joke concept stand out in Africa, toy videos are watched more in Australia. However, in general, child-oriented channels are in the first place.

Australia's largest and richest YouTube channel called CKN has earned more than $40 million with toy review videos alone. The Indian channel named ChuChi, on the other hand, became the owner of a fortune of $ 80 million thanks to the content it produced on little children's nursery rhymes.

The world's highest-paid YouTube channel was Cocomelon, which also produces children's content. The American channel, which produces cartoon-like videos with children's songs, nursery rhymes and 3D animation, earned $282 million in 16 years.

Of course, when we only look at their 2022 earnings, we know that there are YouTube channels that earn much more. Therefore, it should be noted that the shared data covers not only this year, but also those who have earned the most income since the first day YouTube started monetizing.

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