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If you don't want to forget your ex, you should follow him/her constantly! If you do this, I guarantee you will be in pain at every moment. Therefore, you must first make a decision: 'What exactly do I want to do after the separation?'

Even though relationships end, the emotions and memories experienced together leave their mark on the separation process. While some get through this process easily, others suffer for a long time, and it is even possible to come across some who turn it into an obsession. I often encounter this question: 'How can I forget him more easily?' or 'How should I behave during the separation process?' While answering such questions, I would like to give some suggestions to those who follow their ex-lover through various channels after the breakup and deepen the constantly bleeding wound in this way, about unfollowing them.

If you don't want to forget:

If you don't want to forget your ex, you should follow him/her constantly. If you do this, I guarantee you will be in pain at every moment. Therefore, you first need to make a decision: 'What exactly do I want to do after the separation?' This is a seemingly simple yet complex question. In order to answer this question, it is necessary to first confront it. For example, a close girlfriend of mine defines love as: 'The process where I enjoy suffering!' Whenever he experiences the pain of separation, it is as if he has officially come back to life; I see the joy of life in his eyes. Because to him, love means suffering, and if there is no pain, he cannot enjoy it. If you are like this, that is, if you think about the possibility of your ex-lover having new adventures after the breakup and you secretly enjoy it, then you need to confess and confront some things to yourself. The best way to do this is to get professional help by consulting with an expert therapist.

If you want to forget:

My first suggestion to those who want to forget and get out of this psychology after the breakup is to definitely not be alone and spend plenty of time with their friends. Sometimes loneliness is nice in life, but loneliness is not the right choice when experiencing the pain of separation. On the contrary, if you have cheerful and sensible friends around you, they can lift you up. Stay away from people who like to cause drama and constantly harass you, especially during the breakup process. They may mislead you. If you proceed with the advice they give you, you may suddenly find yourself making the wrong moves.


Unfollow him/her:

Unfollow your ex. You must do this immediately; Unfollow him on all platforms you follow him on and don't look at his stories. There are those who cannot do this at once; My suggestion to them is to first unfollow them on a platform, such as Instagram, and then continue to do the same on other channels. Seeing his posts will not do you any good if you really want to get rid of him.

Don't follow your surroundings either:

Unfollow your ex's circle of friends and relatives. Some people like to deceive themselves and say: 'I don't want to be rude, that's why I'm still stalking his mother!' However, there is a hope left inside them, and they want to keep it alive by following their mother. Following his mother not only keeps this hope alive but also the expectation, and we know that unmet expectation turns into depression.

Beware of the trap:

Your ex looking at your stories is just a trap. Women ask a lot of questions about this subject; however, when your ex looks at the story, his only purpose may be to confuse you and get you to make a move. If this affects you, block it immediately. Thus, when the man sees how serious you are, he will definitely start fighting to win you back. My words to those who say, 'This man is so stubborn, he will never come back if I stop him' are this: The man who sees that you are serious will fight harder.

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