Post timing period on Instagram!


Instagram announced the feature of scheduling posts up to 75 days with a statement made on its blog site.


Today, one of the first platforms that comes to mind when social media is mentioned is Instagram. Instagram, which has been in our lives for a long time, stood out with the effects applied to the photos in the first place. Later on, the social media platform, which continues on its way by gaining many different features, will host a new service.

Instagram brings great convenience to phenomena

Instagram announced the sharing scheduling feature with a statement on its blog site. Accordingly, users; will be able to schedule photos, videos and reels posts ahead of time. With the new service, it will be possible to share it on Instagram 75 days in advance.

The social media platform will offer its users significant flexibility in sharing with its new service. Thanks to this feature, which can be very useful especially for business accounts, posts can be planned well in advance and shared when the time comes.

If you want to schedule your post on Instagram, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Login to Instagram
  • Tap on Create Post
  • Select and edit the post or Reels post you will create
  • Then go to Advanced Settings
  • Select the Schedule section
  • Choose a date and time of your choice within 75 days
  • Create the post by saying Done and return to the sharing page by selecting the back section.
  • Click Schedule to schedule the shipment

It seems that Instagram will save many users from certain difficulties with its post scheduling feature. However, it's worth noting that features such as Product tagging, shared posts, cross-posting on Facebook, sponsored posts, and fundraising events are not available for scheduled posts.

Scheduled posts can be viewed on the profile page by selecting the options in the upper right corner. In order to edit or reschedule the post, you can make the changes you want by selecting the post you have previously planned from this section.

With the Instagram post scheduling option, it seems to have created great convenience, especially for business accounts and people with multiple followers.

a year ago