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Netflix has a “Netflix Preview Club” for only certain subscribers to watch certain productions and comment on them before they are released. According to The Wall Street Journal, Netflix will increase the membership of this club and the productions to watch in 2023. Well, what is the effect of this club on the company, why was it established? Let's take a look at the details of the news together.


Netflix Preview Club members will increase by 400 percent

According to the news of The Wall Street Journal, the Netflix Preview Club has two thousand members. The company will increase the members of this club by 400 percent in 2023. Club members, as the name suggests, provide feedback to Netflix by watching the productions to be broadcast in advance. The company is making changes in the content with the feedback. In fact, for Don't Look Up, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, the club's production is said to have evolved into a comedy because it found it too serious.

Subscribers who signed a confidentiality agreement before joining the Preview Club are preferred over those living in the United States only. In other words, there is currently no one who is a member of this club of Netflix in our country. However, with the expansion of the application in the future, it is likely to accept members from other countries.

It is among those known to watch Netflix productions before the subscribers, in addition to the members of the mentioned club, as well as company employees. Netflix employees have the opportunity to preview productions before they are released to everyone.

Netflix Preview Club has been around since May 2021, as reported by Varierty. The company has lost quite a few subscribers due to its recent hikes. Parallel to the company's loss of subscribers, its market value fell at the same pace. For this reason, Netflix is very cautious about the new productions it will release. The club also helps the company to choose which productions to be released and make changes.

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