How does Telegram ensure its own security?


What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging application created as an alternative to WhatsApp. It continues to attract more users every day and is seen as the biggest competitor to WhatsApp. Telegram has already reached millions of users and continues to grow.

Is Telegram safe?

Telegram is considered to be more secure than global messaging apps like WhatsApp and Line. Built on time-tested algorithms to ensure high-speed transmission and reliability on low-security networks, Telegram works with the MTProto protocol.

Both WhatsApp and Telegram feature end-to-end encryption, but WhatsApp's new privacy policy makes this feature pointless. Telegram, on the other hand, constantly encrypts messages in its chats.

Telegram stands out with its private chats, incognito mode feature, and optional security layer. The self-destructing messages feature also makes Telegram stand out in this competition.


How to use Telegram?

Using Telegram is very similar to using WhatsApp. When you download and open the application, you are prompted to enter your phone number. After completing the necessary steps, you can create a new group or perform a search from the menu button.

How to Configure Telegram Settings?

In the Telegram application, it is possible to configure settings for profile photo, calls, last seen, groups, or personal data. Setting configurations are the most important way to keep personal data safe. It is possible to find the relevant stages under the security and privacy tab in the application main menu. From here, it's pretty easy to determine who can see your phone number or disable the option to be automatically added to groups. You can turn off the last seen and online viewing notification and easily prevent people from seeing what you've been up to. It is also possible to increase account security by using a PIN code on your computer or mobile device. In addition, you can protect your personal data against viruses that may come over a network connection by installing an antivirus program on your mobile device and computer.

So, how does Telegram ensure its own security?

Telegram aims to maximize messaging security with its end-to-end encryption method and secret chat application. Secret chats are not part of the Telegram storage cloud. Telegram uses the MTProto protocol, which has been tested for network connection speed. The protocol enables messages to be transmitted quickly and also plays a role in connection security. Secret chats, on the other hand, can only be accessed by authorized sources. Making sure the network connection is secure and not using any middleware is effective in maximizing Telegram security.

8 months ago