Instagram's Paid Blue Tick Service: What you need to know

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After being purchased by Elon Musk, verified accounts on Twitter, namely the blue tick service, became paid. Now, it has been revealed that the popular social media platform Instagram is working on a similar service. According to the information, Instagram is working on a paid subscription plan with verification badges.


Instagram will get paid for verified accounts

Alessandro Paluzzi is known for revealing features that will come to social media platforms. This time, the famous name made a remarkable post on Instagram. According to this post, the platform is working on a paid subscription plan, just like Twitter.

According to Paluzzi's share, the reference lines that appear in the codes of the Instagram application show that it will be a subscription service. Allegedly, the company will use this subscription for account verification for now. However, there is no information about what will happen in the future.

It is necessary to remind the following about the subject in question. Instagram has been using the verified account badge for years. However, users can get this badge without any payment after meeting certain conditions. However, according to the news today, things seem to be changing. It should also be noted that this is still a claim.


However, if the news is true, users will pay to receive a verified account badge. Alessandro Paluzzi's statement on the subject is as follows: "Instagram is working on a subscription plan that includes a blue badge. Currently there are only a few minor references to this in this code. Nothing appears. So just treat it as a rumor until I can post a screenshot that can confirm my assumption.”

So, what do you think about Instagram paid subscription?

a year ago