Huge News: Twitter will now reveal fake posts on platform!


Twitter changed all its plans after it was acquired by Elon Musk. Unexpected new features and services have arrived, while some have been permanently removed from the platform. Finally, it turned out that notifications will be sent on Twitter, where lies or changes are made. In other words, Twitter will prevent fake posts.

Twitter will block fake posts!

All the shares made by users on Twitter may not reflect the truth. In fact, sometimes there are people or bot accounts that knowingly spread false/false information. Other users can also like and retweet without knowing the accuracy of this information. But now, when you like and share a tweet with false information, you will receive a notification from the platform.


In the post made by Twitter on Community Notes, it was said:

“Starting today, you will receive an alert if a Community Note starts appearing on a Tweet you've replied to, Liked, or Retweeted. This will help give people extra context they might otherwise miss.”

Controversial decision from Twitter!

Twitter subscribers using two-factor authentication can log in to their accounts after they receive messages on their phones. Thus, people's accounts are protected by a much safer method other than passwords.

However, Twitter announced that as of March 20, two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS will only be available to Blue subscribers. From this date, other users will be missing an important security measure.

a year ago