Huge News: Twitter removes its favorite feature!


Twitter, which is among the most popular social media platforms in the world, has gone through many changes since it was sold to Elon Musk. Now a new one joins them. So much so that the CoTweet feature, which allows users to post a joint tweet and is still in the testing phase, is being removed.


Twitter's CoTweet feature is being removed!

Tests of Twitter's CoTweet feature started in the middle of last year, first in the USA and Canada, and then in Turkey. Thanks to this feature, which is called Joint Tweet in our country, there was no longer a need for two people to use a joint account.

When you were going to post a joint tweet, you were choosing a second user from the sharing settings. When the tweet was shared, the profile photo and usernames of both people were placed side by side. Thus, it was understood that it was a common tweet.

Twitter recently started showing a pop-up notification on CoTweet's help page. It says here that the long-tested feature will be retired from January 31, 2023. The reason is unknown.

Tweets sent with the CoTweet feature will stop for another month. It will then be converted to a regular tweet post. On the other hand, the second person's name will be removed and the post will appear as if it belongs to the first person.

“For the past few months, we've been testing a new way to Tweet together using CoTweets. We regret to inform you that the current experiment has ended. CoTweets will no longer be created from Tuesday 31.1. CoTweets that already exist will be viewable for another month, at which point they will return to Retweets. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for the feedback you have given us about CoTweets and we are still looking for ways to move this feature forward. Thanks for trying CoTweets and we enjoyed watching all your creativity come to life with this feature!”


In addition to these, Twitter has closed the Revue feature, which allows users to create their own newsletters, in the past months. The company, which was sold to Twitter in January 2021, was later integrated into the platform.

So what do you think about Twitter's removal of the CoTweet feature?

a year ago