Huge News: TikTok brings back the feature Instagram removed!


Popular social media platform TikTok has changed roles with Instagram. The platform is working on the shopping feature.


TikTok and Instagram, which are among the most popular platforms of recent times, have entered into competition with their vertical videos. In addition to the short video stream, both platforms offer different features to the user. According to the information revealed today, TikTok is working on the shopping feature. Here are the details!

TikTok shopping feature is available in the US

TikTok has managed to influence many social media platforms with its short vertical video stream. Along with this, Instagram brought Reels, a short vertical video stream similar to TikTok. Instagram, which has a live shopping feature as well as reels, announced that it will remove this feature today.


It turned out that TikTok is working on this feature that Instagram has moved away from. According to the reports, the platform has quietly launched its payment feature in the US, which allows brands to sell their products directly on TikTok. It has also been claimed that the app invites some brands to present their products on the platform.

Along with the incoming information, a small bag icon will appear on the profiles of brands that offer a shopping experience on TikTok. Here, users will see a product catalog with videos, descriptions and prices. It will also be possible to add products from different stores to the same basket.

The new feature in question is becoming more and more common in the US day by day. However, this does not mean that TikTok will achieve a successful result in the shopping experience. This is because the same feature did not achieve good results on Instagram.

a year ago