How to share a Live Photo taken on Instagram Iphone?


Thanks to the Live Photo feature provided by Apple, the one and a half seconds before and one and a half seconds after you take the photo are recorded with the photo, giving you a moving picture. To see the moving photo, you have to click and hold the photo in the gallery. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a 3-second image that turns into a video. In order to take live photos, the mobile phone brand must be Iphone and the model must be 6 and above. So how do you share your iPhone Live Photo?


Sharing Instagram Live Photo as Post

Thanks to the feature offered by the Instagram application, live photos taken with the iPhone are shared in the form of boomerang in the application. In addition, since it is very easy to turn these photos into boomerangs and boomerang shares have increased rapidly recently, users are provided with great convenience. We have briefly explained the stages of Instagram Iphone live photo sharing for you below.

  • First of all, you need to open the photo you want to share on Instagram from your gallery.
  • After opening the photo, swipe up and save your live photo as a video by clicking the save as video option from the options.
  • After saving the photo as a video, exit the gallery and enter the Instagram application.
  • Click the + sign representing the photo or video sharing option in the Instagram application.
  • Select the video you recorded.
  • Then, as in other sharing stages, some post editing options will appear. Using these options, you can edit your video as you wish, tag people or add locations. You can also click the option to skip these steps without making any edits. After all these steps, you can share your video with your followers by clicking on the share option.

Sharing Instagram Live Photo as Story

It is very easy to share the motion pictures you have taken from your iPhone as a story. We tried to explain the steps of sharing as an Instagram live photo story in the best way for you.

  • In order to share the live photo you have taken in your stories, you must first log into your Instagram account.
  • Click on the story sharing option on the application.
  • Select the live photo you want to share.
  • When you select this live photo, the photo transferred to the Instagram application becomes a still photo. If you press and hold on this photo, your photo turns into a Boomerang shape in motion.
  • Then, you can add effects by choosing any of the editing tools, tag the people you want, add location information, or share your story in a different way by using the other editing options. In this way, you can share the live photo you have taken in the Instagram application in an animated way. The option to share the Live photo as Boomerang is only possible on Iphone 6 and higher models. Although there are similar features in other models and brands, it is not possible to make such shares because they do not have live photo features.
a year ago