How to recover your stolen Facebook Account: Tips and Tricks


Users whose Facebook account has been stolen should investigate how to get their stolen Facebook account back. Facebook keeps the security level at the highest level to protect its own data. At the same time, it has taken additional measures to keep user accounts safe. However, sometimes due to malware and personal errors of users, Facebook accounts fall into the hands of third parties. This can be attacks on popular Facebook pages out of jealousy, or it can be used for fraudulent purposes.


How to Get Back a Stolen Facebook Account?

The methods of stealing the Facebook account and the methods used by the stealer after the stealing process also determine the solution methods for the problem. Users who log in to the Facebook page by typing their password first suspect that their account has been stolen when their Facebook page is not opened. Login to the section on the Facebook login page with an e-mail address and click on the forgot password content.

Completes the process by filling in the sections regarding the new password request on the page that opens. An update code will be sent to the user e-mail address. By logging in again with this code, it performs a password change. If the code is not received despite the action, or if the page does not open despite entering the code, you should apply to Facebook and report that your account has been stolen. After Facebook passes the security test, the user account becomes accessible.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Stolen Facebook Account Back?

If the Facebook account is stolen, if the contents such as e-mail, contact numbers, security question have not been changed by the person who stole it, the stolen account can be recovered in a short time with the forgot password link. However, if changes have been made to personal information, Facebook temporarily closes the user account for the security of user information, when an application is made to Facebook in this direction. The user passes the security test.

If the questions given to the security test are deemed sufficient by Facebook for a secure transaction, the user account is reactivated. This period is approximately 24 hours. If people who fail the security test will regain their accounts as a result of taking legal action, this period will take an average of 1 month.

Which Methods Are Used to Steal Facebook Account?

Facebook account user password hacked and stolen using malware. The second method is often used in ransom and fraud transactions. When the link containing the malware is clicked by the user, the user's device is accessed. In this way, his transactions and personal information are used by the person who sent the link. For this purpose, the user's e-mails are one of the most frequently used methods.

What Precautions Should Be Taken to Avoid Theft of Facebook Account?

Users who create Facebook accounts should not use easily guessable passwords and should adopt encryption method consisting of different characters, letters and numbers. It should not open unsafe e-mails to links on untrusted sites. It should use safe and up-to-date antivirus programs.

How Do Users with Hacked Facebook Account Exercise Their Rights?

Users whose Facebook account has been hacked can retrieve their hacked account using the instructions in the Facebook app. Theft of the Facebook account constitutes a crime in the sense of illegally obtaining personal data. Even if they do not suffer any damage from the theft, a personal application should be made to the Public Prosecutor's Office in order to identify and legally prosecute the person who stole the account. Damages arising from the crime must be claimed from the suspect.

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