How to become invisible on WhatsApp? This tip is known to very few people


WhatsApp is the most used instant communication platform in the world. But on this platform, where millions of people are present, users do not want to be invisible and stay in touch in some cases. There are multiple ways to be invisible on WhatsApp as well, in different ways. We have listed these ways in the content one by one. So how do you become invisible? Here are ways to become invisible on WhatsApp.


Tips to become invisible on WhatsApp

Instant communication platform WhatsApp has recently released an update and added new features to its body. Among these features, an innovation came to be invisible in the field of privacy. It is now possible to become permanently invisible by making the necessary settings in WhatsApp Last Seen and Online.

Another way to become invisible on WhatsApp is to add an extension. But this extension is only happening for WhatsApp Web. After installing the WAIncognito plugin from Google, the last seen and read information is closed thanks to the "Don't send last seen updates" option.

Another way to be invisible on the instant messaging platform is to reply to the message from the notification box. With the message answered from the notification box without entering the application, the other user will not understand whether he will be online or not. In this way, it is possible to communicate with only certain people via the notification box without updating the tips settings we mentioned first.

Another tip for being invisible on WhatsApp is to reply to the message after turning off the internet. If the message is answered by turning off the connected Wi-Fi or Cellular Data after receiving a message from the platform, there will be no change in the last seen date. But of course, it should not be forgotten that in order to transmit the message to the other party, it is necessary to reconnect to the internet after logging out of the application.

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