How can I grow my Twitter?


In this content, we will give you some suggestions on how to become more popular on Twitter!


1- Be interesting: Perhaps the most important rule of Twitter is to reply to you or write tweets to be retweeted. This should be followed carefully. Writing about trending topics can be a good start. At the same time, don't be afraid to be humorous. People exist on Twitter, in a way, for fun. It shows the exposure of those who reply and retweet you for the duration of your engaging message.

2- Do not neglect your followers: Do not skip the replies to the tweets you have written. Answer them back. People love to communicate. If you show their interest, they will be your firm followers.

3- Follow influential people on Twitter: Do not forget to follow famous personalities of Twitter. Follow celebrities who respond frequently to good content by leaving a review. Respond effectively to their tweets and stay away from insults. When you wake up one morning to be retweeted by a celebrity at the end of your "smart" answers, you won't believe your follower count.

4- Do not tweet inconsistently: Twitter demands attention. Don't tweet 40 a day and then disappear for 3-4 days. Maintain a reasonable daily average.

5- Meet with followers you don't know: After a while, people from other circles will follow you. Follow them and try to identify their areas of interest. Tweet about it.

6- Use the Direct Message section effectively: You can communicate with your followers on a special platform with Direct Message. This will contribute to communication.

7- Beware of spam messages: If you hear that a follower has received a Spam message, investigate the reason. It could be due to a fake profile following you. Block him.

8- Provide diversity in following: Let the people you follow be from different age and profession groups. Even don't forget to go out of Edirne on Twitter. You too can be a springboard for your followers to follow influential profiles abroad. At the same time, following international profiles gives clues to your followers about your worldview.

9- Engage in other social networks integrated with Twitter: Effective social platforms such as Friendfeed, Linkedin, Facebook easily integrate with Twitter. Thus, you can bring together your different audiences on these platforms on Twitter.


10- Share what you do with interesting and beautiful photo apps on Twitter: A photo app like Instagram can increase your follower count. With the photos you take and stylize on Instagram, you can get likes and reach a more loyal audience.

11- Become a citizen journalist: Sometimes you can be the first witness of an important event. Going through this with a short information by photographing, in short, being a citizen journalist will give your Twitter follower count a short-term explosion. Remember that in places like Egypt, Tunisia, people can revolutionize with Twitter.

12- Don't be antipathetic: Spreading hate speech on Twitter does no one any good. Don't use these cheap ways to get some fanatical followers. In the long run, it is inevitable that you will be alone.

a year ago