Exciting new features coming to YouTube: Podcast and Dubbing!


New features are coming to the world's most watched video platform. He started working on YouTube Podcast and dubbing feature.

YouTube, the world's largest video sharing platform, is preparing to launch its new features. These features will delight both content producers and users. Here are the first steps of the company's future plans; YouTube dubbing and podcast…


YouTube brings the ability to add dubbing to videos!

YouTube offered the feature to add dubbing to videos prepared by content producers. Thanks to this feature, you can deliver your videos to a wider audience and increase your views.

Although YouTube has offered dubbing for its own platform, it is necessary to get help from different applications to add audio tracks. Later, these sounds added by the content producer become available after the video is uploaded.

One of the first to try the YouTube dubbing feature was Jimmy Donaldson, owner of MrBeast channel with 135 million subscribers. As part of this feature, MrBeast performed 11 videos in 11 languages. To try this innovation, you need to enter the video, press the "audio track" or "audio track" part from the menu at the bottom. Then you can choose any of the available languages.

Finally, the dubbing feature is only available for long videos at the moment. However, the company is expected to bring this feature to Shorts videos in the future.


Podcast feature is coming to Youtube Music!

Another innovation of Youtube was podcasts. This audio content, which has become popular in recent years, is now available for free on YouTube Music. Company spokesperson Kai Chuk, in an interview with The Verge, stated that the application will be operational soon, making podcasts more discoverable and accessible.

Podcasts will be free to listen to in the background, so even if you lock your phone while listening, the program will not be interrupted. However, it should be noted that there is ad support in the free service. Currently, there is no clear information about when the feature, which is used only in the USA, will be available in other countries.

a year ago