Discover TikTok's newest Private Message System


TikTok has recently sent an e-mail to some users about the changes it has made to the private message system.

Wanting to reach more users, TikTok announced its new feature to increase users' interaction. TikTok has announced that it is expanding the scope of sending and receiving private messages.


TikTok users expanded the scope of private messages TikTok, which has become one of the most used social media applications in the world in a short time, has accelerated its efforts to increase the time users stay in the application. The company, which sent an e-mail to some users, announced that it made changes to the private message.

Users who want to receive private can now choose to receive messages from suggested accounts and mutually followed friends. It is worth remembering that only people who were previously identified or recommended as friends can message each other on TikTok.

The company's information e-mail details are as follows:

  • Everyone: Anyone can send you a direct message. Messages from mutual friends and people you follow appear in your Inbox. Messages from people you don't follow appear in Message requests. You can choose to accept, delete or report these messages.

  • Suggested friends: Suggested friends, including synced Facebook friends and phone contacts, can send you a direct message. Mutual friends: Anyone who follows you and you follow can send you a direct message.

  • Nobody: You cannot receive direct messages from anyone. Note that if you update your direct message setting to Nobody, you will not be able to receive direct messages. You can still access your message history from your Inbox, but you won't be able to receive new direct messages in these chats.

a year ago