Big innovation for Twitter homepage!


Elon Musk, who bought Twitter, made big changes on the social media platform as soon as he arrived. Successful businessman, who changed the board of directors from top to bottom on the social media platform, then started to make radical changes on Twitter. Perhaps the most important of those changes comes into play.


Twitter wants to improve user experience

As Elon Musk recently announced, Twitter has gained an algorithm-based interface that makes it much easier for its users to switch between the homepage where only followed people are located. Thus, Twitter users will now be able to see only the posts of the pages they follow on their homepages with a single click.

From now on, the last posts made by the people who are followed via the star icon in the upper right corner of the Twitter homepage will be displayed chronologically. On the other hand, with the help of the same option, it is possible to highlight the shares chosen by the Twitter alogrith for users.

In fact, Twitter launched this feature in March last year. This option, which was previously called 'Latest tweets' and 'Homepage', has been changed to 'For You' and 'Followed' with the update.

We can say that this reconsidered application will also help Twitter's new policy. Twitter aims to provide a longer user experience by highlighting the content according to the interests of its users. Increasing the character limit and the long video sharing feature that will come to Twitter are proof of this.

Twitter plans to take the user experience to a higher level with the new interface. It is possible to say that users are also satisfied with this new option. If Twitter's algorithm is improved, it is not yet known whether it will go back to the old.

Twitter's new interface is now available on iOS devices. A new homepage option is expected to come on Android devices soon. So what do you think about the new homepage option offered by Twitter?

a year ago