10 rules for an impressive Instagram profile photo!

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Instagram is at the forefront of social media platforms with 500 million daily active users. So much so that the users of the social media platform pay attention to many details to create a good profile. So, what should be considered for an impressive Instagram profile photo? What are the 10 rules for an impressive Instagram profile photo? Let's take a look at the details of the article together.


Things to consider for an impressive Instagram profile photo

At the very beginning of creating a certain order and attracting attention on Instagram, it is necessary to determine the profile photo. Because in cases where the account is closed or the profile is seen from another place, the attention of other users is only drawn here.

The image size that should be used for the Instagram profile photo

The first point to consider for an impressive profile photo on Instagram is that the image should be 320×320 in size. A profile photo of this size is more proportional for the profile photo section of the social media platform compared to other sizes. Thus, it ensures that the image is best placed in the profile photo section.

The account owner's face appears in the profile photo

It is important that the account holder's face is clearly visible in the Instagram profile photo, in terms of capturing intimacy with other account holders he does not know. Because the fact that no one's face is visible in the virtual world seriously reduces the perception of reality. The appearance of the person in the photograph is important in terms of understanding what kind of person he is talking to. In addition, when you call someone on social media, seeing their face makes it easier to reach them.

Instagram profile photo reflects the person

The fact that social media is so widespread and actively used today causes people to make decisions about people from here. For this reason, the Instagram profile photo also reflects the identity of the account holder. Choosing the profile photo according to one's own tastes allows other users to have an opinion about the account owner.


Integrity between theme and profile photo

Instagram is a platform where visuality and aesthetics are at the forefront. For this reason, the fact that the theme of the shared photos is the same and the colors in similar tones are together makes the eyes less tiring. Doing this also allows other users to spend more time browsing the profile. It will be more harmonious if the profile photo is integrated with the preferred theme in terms of color and concept.

Eye-catching colors for profile photo

The colors to be preferred for the Instagram profile photo are also very important. The colors that will take place in the concept of the photo can attract the attention of the person and encourage them to interact with the account. In addition, vibrant tones such as pink and orange in summer, and colors such as brown and gray in winter, which will be preferred according to the seasons, offer a more sincere approach to the profile photo.

Photo angle and suitable light

Of course, in order to determine the Instagram profile photo, it is necessary to capture the most appropriate angle and light of a moment. Because the appropriate angle and light is the most important factor to be considered in order to capture the best version of the person in the photograph. Trying a few angles and turning the light back on during the golden hours of the day will help to capture the best version of the photo.

Not cropping your profile photo

The image to be preferred for the Instagram profile photo should not be cropped. Because the original state of the cropped photo will be damaged, and its clarity will decrease. This causes the photo to be of poor quality. As a result, it helps to get a better result not to change the size of the profile photo before adding it.


Not using effects for profile photo

Effects are widely used in photos shared on social media platforms. However, it would be a better choice not to use effects in the profile photo, as it does not reflect the real and natural one.

Instagram profile photo not changing frequently

Apart from determining the profile photo well on Instagram, it is also very important not to change it frequently. Because in a sense, the profile photo is the face of the account. Regardless of whether the account is closed or open, other accounts will recognize the account with the long-standing profile photo instead of the username.

Preferring a photo that can be used in any time period

In order to be memorable on Instagram, the profile photo should not change frequently. However, using an outdated pose or wearing an old hairstyle will cause the profile picture to change. Therefore, using a photo that is always preferable in one go avoids frequent changes.

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