10 Fun Tasks to Explore with ChatGPT - Get to Know Artificial Intelligence!


Artificial intelligence is increasingly embedding in our lives. Artificial intelligence, which was placed on our phones in the first place, gradually penetrated our cars into our lives. We have listed 10 fun tasks that will entertain you while also allowing you to get to know artificial intelligence closely. Here are 10 fun tasks that can be done with ChatGPT!


10 missions where you can experience artificial intelligence while having fun with ChatGPT!

1- Fun recipes

Using ChatGPT's artificial intelligence, it can create a recipe based on the information you give it. Or, if we consider the job more professionally, it can also create a diet list for you based on the body mass index you give him and the knowledge of the sports training you do.

2- Personalized workout plan

As we mentioned in the previous article, you can create your own personal exercise plans by entering your own body features and the area you want to improve into ChatGPT. If you add the task in the first item to this item, you will get a fully organized sports plan.

3- Improve yourself with trivia questions

You can improve yourself with questions about trivia, that is, general culture. Tell ChatGPT that you want to play Trivia game, and the themes and topics you want questions to come from. Then you can compete with ChatGPT questions specific to you. You can also test the difficulty of your own questions with ChatGPT.

4- Organize free virtual travel tours

We will talk about a very popular task in our country, where holidays abroad have become very difficult due to the increasing exchange rates. You can make ChatGPT yourself a tourist guide. Type the country you want to go to the artificial intelligence. Then ChatGPT will arrange a virtual reality tour for you.

5- Make musical compositions

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can also feed your soul. Enter your desired keywords into ChatGPT. Then choose what kind of music you want, arabesque, rap, pop, and leave the rest to ChatGPT. Your composition, which you will sit in the 1st place in Spotify lists, is coming.

6- Meditate

ChatGPT can take on any character you want. If you need a meditation teacher, you can request it from ChatGPT. It prepares a meditation plan for you and accompanies you to meditate. In this way, you can relieve the tiredness of the day.

7- Create your resume

There are many applications on the Internet where you can create a CV. However, they may be slightly behind ChatGPT. Because ChatGPT creates a special CV for you based on the most examined CV examples in the world.

8- Create your personal style consultant

Currently ChatGPT is not in a position to give advice on your physical characteristics. However, after scanning the world fashion for you, you can make combinations with the clothes you want. You can have the consultancy service that celebrities give millions for free.

9- Play some special story games for you

Don't you want to play a game where you make the choices and have different characters with different endings each time? You can create a game and play your game by specifying the story style you want to ChatGPT.

10- Develop your literary spirit

Yes, of course, it cannot be compared with the rare poets of Turkish literature, but he is considered a modern writer and poet in ChatGPT. If your girlfriend is upset with you and you can't get her heart, write an acrostic with ChatGPT and increase the happiness of your relationship.

9 months ago